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Slash Film Fest Review: A Broad Range of Shorts Caters to All Tastes

Who likes short shorts? If you’re referring to the cinema format, Vienna come late September is a good answer. At the Filmcasino, a sizable crowd gathered on Monday evening to sample the second round of the Slash Film Festival’s international...

Slash Film Fest Dispatch: International Genre Gems Enrapture the crowd in Vienna

Frequenters of all things fantastic do well to put Slash on their radar. Austria’s premiere genre festival has, over the course of eight years, succeeded in building a loving home for the weird, wild and wonderful. Housed in Vienna’s Filmcasino,...

Slash Film Fest Interview: Bill Watterson Rolls Out the Blueprint of DAVE MADE A MAZE

It’s rare for a fresh voice to arrive fully articulate, and it’s all the more special when it gets heard because the strength of a movie’s central concept resonates with so many. As far as filmmaking goes, striking gold with...

Slash Film Fest Review: Miike Takashi's Zaniness Is Alive and Well in JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE

You may think you know Miike Takashi but really, if you’re mostly familiar with horror classics along the lines of Audition or samurai epics like 13 Assassins you barely know the half of it. Keen on further exploring the wilder side...