Festivals Reviews

Cannes 2021 Review: BLOODY ORANGES Turns Savage in Cynical Satire

New French Burlesque meets Grand Guignol in Jean-Christophe Meurisse's latest comedy that mixes quirky and perverted.

Cannes 2021 Review: In MEDUSA, Young-Adult Dystopia Becomes Bubble-Gum Satire

Brazilian filmmaker Anita Rocha de Silveira confirms her status as a rising talent with her genre-bending sophomore feature.

Cannes 2021 Review: ANNETTE, Strangeness and Familiarity Waltz Hand in Hand

Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard star in a doomed-love rock opera by Léos Carax.

Tribeca 2021 Review: ULTRASOUND, Indie Sci-fi Keeps You Guessing Right Until The Very End

Heading home during a heavy rainstorm, Glen’s car breaks down. He spots a house nearby and finds help from a chummy yet odd middle-aged man, Arthur, and his much younger wife, Cyndi. After a couple drinks and a warm shower,...

Tribeca 2021 Review: LARRY FLYNT FOR PRESIDENT, Eerily Prescient, Outlandish Time Capsule

Director Nadia Szold reconstructs Larry Flynt's infamous run for presidential nomination from never-before-seen archival footage. And it's stranger than fiction.

Tribeca 2021 Review: THE KIDS, Legacy of Larry Clark's KIDS Undone

Director Eddie Martin's documentary about the making of Larry Clark's cult classic unearths collective trauma, exploitation and victimhood.

Slash 2021 Review: CYST, Sometimes You Pop Zits, Sometimes They Pop You

There just aren't enough movies these days about man-sized sentient pus monsters, and that's a shame. Set in the early '60s, Tyler Russell's Cyst is a throwback creature feature that embraces the goofiness of the era's drive-in fare with a...

Tribeca 2021 Review: Family Dynamics Reach a Horrific Breaking Point in Horror WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING

As a powerful storm tears through town Melissa and her family seek shelter in their bathroom. When the storm passes they realize they are trapped inside Melissa thinks that it is something that she and her girlfriend Amy did the...

Tribeca 2021 Review: CREATION STORIES, Musical Biopic Becomes Hilarious Psychedelic Fable

Ewen Bremner, Leo Flanagan and Richard Jobson star in a drug-fueled biopic, directed by Nick Moran, about the founder of the label behind Oasis.

Tribeca 2021 Review: MY HEART CAN'T BEAT UNLESS YOU TELL IT TO, Vampire Horror, Family Drama

Patrick Fugit, Ingrid Sophie Schram and Owen Campbell star in a horror-thriller, directed by Jonathan Cuartas.

Tribeca 2021 Review: WEREWOLVES WITHIN, Horror-Comedy Done Gorily Right

“Good fences make good neighbors,” a long-dead, if still wise, American poet, Robert Frost, once said in probably his best-known, most popular poem, "Mending Walls." It’s a lesson only a few denizens of the fictional town of Beaverfield, Vermont in...

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: THE DAY TODAY Fast-forwards To The Past

One of the world premières this year at the International Film Festival Rotterdam was Maxence Stamatiadis' The Day Today (original title Au Jour d'Aujourd'Hui), an intriguing little science fiction film which starts slow, but manages to elegantly get some points...

Tribeca 2021 Review: THE PHANTOM is a Cinematic True Crime Gem

With belching refinery towers against a setting sun being one of its singular widescreen images,  Patrick Forbes cinematic and highly emotional film The Phantom, at times feels like a lost season of HBO's True Detective. The documentary covers the tragic case...

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: JESUS EGON CHRISTUS, The Gospel of the Brand New World

Paul Arámbula, Sascha Alexander Gersak and Angelo Martone star in a film from Germany, directed by David Vajda and Sasa Vajda.

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: BLOODSUCKERS, Romantic Horror Comedy

Aleksandre Koberidze, Lilith Stangenberg, and Alexander Herbst star in a vampire comedy from Germany, directed by Julian Radlmaier.

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: DEATH ON THE STREETS Foretold in the Blue-Collar Elegy

Masculine pride fuels the downfall of a blue-collar worker lacking economic privilige.

Tribeca 2021 Review: AGNES, Exorcism, Anger, Faith, and Sandwich Dissection

What does it mean to have faith? What does it mean to be driven insane? These two questions might come from very similar places in the human psyche. This is especially true for those with little power or agency over...

Hot Docs 2021 Review: MAU Designs Rules For Life

Watching the Bergman Brothers' wide-reaching, yet fleet documentary, Mau, on the life and career of Canadian super-star architect and designer Bruce Mau, I could not help but think of the final scene of Shaolin Soccer. After having won the big...

Review: MISTER LIMBO, A Charming, Long Walk Towards Redemption

Mister Limbo wakes up in the middle of the desert with no memory of how he got there, not even his name. There is a parachute strapped to his back, torn in places, which suggests he has had an accident....

Imagine 2021 Review: ABSOLUTE DENIAL Casts Doubts

Last month's Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam was an on-line only event unfortunately, but that didn't stop the festival from scoring a true world première, and one with an animated film, no less. That film is Ryan Braund's feature debut Absolute...