Festivals Reviews

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: YEAR OF THE SHARK (L'ANNÉE DU REQUIN) Resets Shark Expectations

Marina Foïs, Jean-Pascal Zadi and Christine Gautier wage maritime war against a big fish in a snappy shark feature, directed by Ludovic Boukherma and Zoran Boukherma.

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: ASHKAL, Fire Without End

If a person sets themselves alight and no one sees it, does the act lose its meaning? Is a half-built housing complex still a potential home, or a constant reminder of impermenance? Can justice be served only through the law,...

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: DAY ZERO, Battling Filipino Zombies With a Purpose

Brandon Vera, Pepe Herrera, MJ Lastimosa and Joey Marquez star in director Joey De Guzman's fresh action-horror thriller.

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: DEMIGOD: THE LEGEND BEGINS, Epic Battles in Sprawling Puppet Adventure

Chris Huang Wen-chang directs a classic martial arts fantasy from Taiwan.

Tribeca 2022 Review: AMERICAN PAIN Fuels American Dream For Unlikely Pharma Bros

Darren Foster's true crime documentary reveals the hidden and ridiculous side of the opioid crisis.

Tribeca 2022 Review: MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MARRIAGE, Animated Female Empowerment

Latvian-American animator Signe Baumane revisits her two short marriage stints and debunks the mythology of love in a semi-autobiographical feature film.

Tribeca 2022 Review: THE LOST WEEKEND: A LOVE STORY, Biography as a Footnote in Rock History

Directed by Eve Brandstein, Stuart Samuels, and Richard Kaufman, the documentary revisits an episode from rock 'n' roll history that came to be known as the Lost Weekend.

Tribeca 2022 Review: FAMILY DINNER Serves Up Grim Lessons

Pia Hierzegger, Michael Pink and Nina Katlein star in director Peter Hengl's horror film from Austria. Read the review; watch the trailer.

Cannes 2022 Review: DECISION TO LEAVE, The Haunting Beauty of Romantic Doom

“Am I such a pushover?” Detective Hae-jun asks the femme fatale of Park Chan-wook’s latest masterwork, Decision to Leave. "Am I so wicked?" comes her response. Perhaps the truth of these tried and true character tropes lies somewhere in the...

Cannes 2022 Review: BROKER, Profound Family Film for Orphans

Apparently, one political hot topic permeating Korea nowadays is the controversial existence of something called a baby box. The purpose of said box is for reluctant new parents to anonymously abandon their unwanted newborn into the care of professionals who...

Cannes 2022 Review: TRIANGLE OF SADNESS, Delicious Chaos

Ruben Östlund's new comedy/drama stars Woody Harrelson, Harris Dickinson and Charlbi Dean.

Cannes 2022 Review: JERRY LEE LEWIS: TROUBLE IN MIND, Great Balls of Fire and Brimstone

"I'm troubled, I'm troubled, I'm troubled in mind If trouble don't kill me, Lord I'll live a long time..." -Traditional In Ethan Coen's documentary debut, we learn that Jerry Lee Lewis not only outlived all of his rock and roll...

Cannes 2022 Review: CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, The New Flesh Still Lives

There's a reason why Cronenberg is the first name in body horror - his, ahem, body of work, spanning several decades, has evolved from arguably the more explotative (Shivers, The Brood), to the more Romantic and deeply rich psychological/body horror...

Fantaspoa 2022 Review: LEGIONS

The red moon, la luna roja, is coming, and with it the return of the demon Kuaraya and their quest to raise the Evil One. Antonio is all too familiar with Kuaraya. He is a legendary shaman, from a long...

Udine 2022 Review: THUNDERBIRD, Money Makes People Do Bad Things in Grim and Gripping Korean Indie

Money can make people do funny things. It compels them to trust the wrong people, drives them to makes risky bets or, when all else fails, forces them to act out of desperation. Yet unlike riding a bike, when it...

Calgary Underground 2022 Short Film Short Review: CORNERS, A Bespoke Deadpan

Rory is a thorough man in a lackadaisical world. In the near future, Canada, and possibly the world has implemented a thorough set of guidelines for inspection and health of the corners of public buildings.   Rory takes his job...

Hot Docs 2022 Review: GEOGRAPHIES OF SOLITUDE, Lovely Contemplation on Nature, Filmmaking, Human Existence

Jacquelyn Mills' documentary is one of the loveliest feature debuts in years.

Calgary Underground 2022 Review: WE MET IN VIRTUAL REALITY, Authentic Feel-Good Experience

The Metaverse is coming. But before we get to that future dystopia, be it Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash or Zuck’s cringey-what-have-you, there is this charming little cafe-stop along the way.   Joe Hunting’s We Met In Virtual Reality is a surprisingly...

Udine 2022 Review: KINGMAKER, Sumptuous Character Study and Tense Political Drama Makes for Thrilling History Lesson 

The easiest way to describe Kingmaker, the latest film from The Merciless director Byung Sung-hyun, is as the Korean equivalent of George Clooney's election drama The Ides of March, a film that incidentally used the English word 'Kingmaker' as its...

Calgary Underground 2022 Review: THE RIGHTEOUS Offers A Stark Portrait of Guilt

The Righteous opens with the funeral of a young girl. Her mourning adopted parents, an ex-priest and his wife, still maintain active ties with the biological mother. There is an awkward visit in the family living room, adorned with many...