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AMER review

I saw Amer as part of Melbourne's Hello Darkness film festival, I have written two other entries, this is my belated third.Amer is a visual tour de force that gives new meaning to the term eye candy. Its imagery is...

"the blackness just keeps creeping in" HELLO DARKNESS - Wound Review

Wound is a seriously messed up film. So messed up in fact, I genuinely worry about its creator David Blyth. Confusing, conflicted, disturbing and disgusting, Wound takes a lot of taboo topics and strings them together. It can best be...

Melbourne Hello Darkness 2010 Introduction - Evil Things Review

Hello Darkness is a yearly delve into the black hearts of warped films. It takes place in Melbourne Australia and will be running from the 4th till the 11th of November.It has been described as a "compelling film festival exploring...