"the blackness just keeps creeping in" HELLO DARKNESS - Wound Review

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"the blackness just keeps creeping in" HELLO DARKNESS - Wound Review

is a seriously messed up film. So messed up in fact, I genuinely worry about its creator David Blyth. Confusing, conflicted, disturbing and disgusting, Wound takes a lot of taboo topics and strings them together. It can best be described as David Lynch and Dario Argento's love child for it has all those elements. It has the nonsensical weird dialog, the ultra bright violence and the deepening madness.

The 'plot' follows Susan (played maddeningly well by Kate O'Rourke) a single middle aged nut case who is also a telemarketer, ah now that profession makes sense! She works from home, living day by day, crapping into foil and storing it in a freezer, killing her dad, engaging in strange masochistic rituals with a magician that wears sneakers, you know the usual. The idea is essentially that Susan is mad, the majority of the film is questionably in her head, as she lives a massive trauma from her past, which literally visits her in the form of her teenage daughter Tanya (Te Kaera Beri), never mind the fact she was aborted. Her guilt catches up to her and more and more back story of her dysfunctional and unconventional childhood, to use the lightest words possible, come into light.

Who was wounded exactly? Perhaps Toshiba were in the strangest product placement I have personally witnessed in any film. Speaking of wounds the violence is of a gratuitous nature, completely overdone with various genital mutilation, take that dad! Also overdone bondage, her family was, after all in the business. Her mother Mistress Ruth (Sandy Lowe) pops by occasionally to haunt her too.

A train whistle blows in the background, this is never really explained, just part of the delusion of Susan's life. This is after all a very low budget affair, the music is forgettable and silly, the sound effects equally so. The camera remains an interesting point however, the film is very voyeuristic. There are many scenes where characters are being interrogated, a web cam is ever present, this is also not really explained. It just adds to the weirdness. In fact this whole production feels like a huge WTF list; an encyclopedia of wrong.

Spectral teenage breastfeeding. Did that get your attention? It is one of many absurd scenes. The film throws in everything but the kitchen sink, settle for a foil filled feces freezer instead. Here's a fun fact; dolls are creepy, they are used a lot to make no point whatsoever except hey look at this, it is crawling out of a vagina! DJ Pig makes a special rape appearance also.

Dragging her to an insane asylum is a fitting end to the film but... no, expectations are shattered as even stranger things eventuate, what is real after all? Who cares!

This was certainly an experience, neither good nor bad, definitely worth the watch if you are tired of conventional horror, you may stop feeling shocked, a numbness will overcome you, you will become desensitized for life.
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