DELICATE ARCH Exclusive Clip: This Person Sees Only One Way Out

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DELICATE ARCH Exclusive Clip: This Person Sees Only One Way Out
Matt Warren's supernatural thriller, Delicate Arch, is having its world premiere at Dances With Films tonight.
We have an exclusive clip to share with you today. The clip features a sole man wandering through the desert until they come upon an abondoned gas station. Troubled both internally and extrenally this man see but one way out. We'll leave that up to you to discover for yourselves. 
Check the clip out down below. We have also included the trailer in case you missed it the first time. 
Grant, Wilda, Cody, and Ferg are all college students in Salt Lake City. Grant and Cody are supposed to be BFFs, but Grant - a paranoid and spoiled film student - suspects Cody is secretly hooking up with Wilda, an ex-girlfriend Grant is struggling to remain amicable with. Their friend is Ferg, Wilda’s nonbinary stoner cousin and an amateur student of Theosophy and ritual magic.
Fleeing an atmospheric disaster known as “The Inversion” in the Salt Lake Valley, the group decides to go camping in Southern Utah’s Arches National Park. As Grant’s obsessive voyeurism escalates on-site, he begins to sense a malevolent, imperceptible force encroaching on them.
What is it? An ancient Lovecraftian Evil? An extraterrestrial manipulation? A nuclear experiment gone wrong? Zombies?!?! Or perhaps… something even weirder?
Delicate Arch was executive produced by Rodney Ascher (Room 237, The Nightmare). Tickets are still available here

Delicate Arch - Trailer from Matt Warren on Vimeo.

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