FEU-FOLLET: First Images From New French Supernatural Horror Short Film

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FEU-FOLLET: First Images From New French Supernatural Horror Short Film
Feu-Follet. In French folklore it is a soul send back from the dead to do God's penance but will often attack people for vengeance. Deemed mostly harmless, the feu-follet sometimes suck the blood of children. Cheery stuff. 
There are no children in Mickael Abbate's upcoming short film by the same name but there is a couple meeting clandestinely in a graveyard at night. The young woman sees such a spirit and gets a bit nervy. Their older boyfriend bolsters up on bravado and tries to keep the good times going. 
The short is presently in post but Mickael has started to present their short to festival programmers attending Marche du Film. We have a trio of stills to share with you. Check them out down below. 
In line with the tradition of conceptual horror short films like LIGHTS OUT and LAURA HASN’T SLEPT Les Films Michelangelo and Day4Night Films present FEU-FOLLET.
Directed by Mickael Abbate (Phantasmagoria), starring Bastien Leblanc (Heads of State) and Lou Amara (TV Series Parallels), FEU-FOLLET aims to resonate with audiences and participate in numerous international festivals starting in the summer of 2024. This short film will delve into the realms of horror while providing an immersive visual and auditory experience.
Synopsis: At nightfall, a young girl sneaks into the cemetery of her small town to secretly meet her older boyfriend. Their forbidden relationship must remain hidden, as societal conventions and disapproval from their families compel them to rendezvous in the silence of the night. As they share a moment of intimacy under the starlight, their tranquility is abruptly disrupted by the mysterious appearance of a swirling will-o'-the-wisp above a freshly dug grave.
The short film is presently in active postproduction and will take the festival route shortly. Todd Warren, who worked alongside Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Cypher, Nothing) is the sound editor and sound mixer for the short film.
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