Frontieres 2023: Full Lineup Announced

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Frontieres 2023: Full Lineup Announced
The complete lineup of projects participating in this year's Frontières has been announced. The full lineup of both the market and the forum were announced today. 
The market is where the bulk of our attention will be placed this year. More projects from Canadian filmmakers include a return to the market for Ashlea Wessel, a sophomore project from Ryan Ward and a horror flick called Worm, from James Watts. There will be three more projects from the Nordic region: Alice and Thank God It’s Friday out of the Netherlends are joined by a co-pro called Sub out of Sweden and Denmark. 
We haven’t looked yet but this might be the first year that there will be project coming all the way from New Zealand this year? Look for our thoughts on a monster thriller called Taniwha. Same goes for Brazil. In our haste to get this article up and going we have not looked back to see if Maria Arida’s psychological thriller The Eyes of Another will be the first project out of Brazil. Either way, we’re thrilled to see a LatAm project in the mix. 
All the film in this year’s market and forum follow. All new projects are fully highlighted. 
Frontières will return to the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal for the 15th edition of its co-production market which will take place between July 26-29 with the Forum overlapping on July 26-28.
Frontières is pleased to announce the full lineup of projects for this year’s official Market and Forum selection. Notable project helmers include:  Peter Hengl (FAMILY DINNER) from Austria, Yannis Veslemes (the upcoming SHE LOVED BLOSSOMS MORE) from Greece, Jean Mach & Nicolas Alberny (8TH WONDERLAND) from France, Ashlea Wessel (the upcoming JUNCTION ROW) from Canada and Nyla Innuksuk (SLASH/BACK) from Canada. Quebec will be represented by filmmakers Jeanne Leblanc (LES NÔTRES), James Watts (DEATH TRIP) and Olivier Godin (IL N'Y A PAS DE FAUX MÉTIER). These projects showcase a wide variety of genres including horror, dark comedy, magical realism, monsters, an aquatic thriller, psychological horror and a new type of vampires. Past Frontières projects include IN FLAMES, HATCHING, LAMB, THE LONG WALK, SEA FEVER, VIVARIUM and RAW.
The Frontières Co-Production Market is funded by Telefilm Canada, SODEC, the Government of Quebec, the City of Montreal, Wallimage and the Netherlands Film Fund.
ALICE  (The Netherlands)
Director: Jan Verdijk
Producer: Daniel Dow
Genre: Psychological Horror
When it becomes clear that their unborn daughter has complications, desperate parents-to-be Leon & Jaimy turn to a questionable midwife for the chance of making her ‘healthy’ again. As seemingly harmless alternative treatments slowly devolve into life-threatening rituals, the parents lose themselves to desperation of helping their child.
ANIMAL  (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Director: Milada Tesitelova
Producers: Julie Zackova, Unit and Sofa Praha
Genre: Horror Comedy
Although she is trying hard to fit in, Fanynka's life in the suburbs full of perfect families gets complicated when she gives birth to a cat. She decides to steal a baby to cover it up, only to be confronted with the cult-like idea of perfect motherhood which will soon make her life unbearable.
Director: Olivier Godin
Producer: Nemesis Films Inc.
Genre: Dark Comedy
Anna Nous Parlera is an investigative dark comedy about a novel that blows the head off of whoever finishes reading it.
DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL  (United Kingdom)
Directors: Coral Amiga, Nicole Hartley
Producer: Federica Omodei
Genre: Psychological Horror, Thriller
A young couple is pushed to breaking point when the woman’s overbearing father interrupts their idyllic Italian getaway leading to a bloody confrontation.
Director: Cosmo Salovaara
Producers: Anne Alexander, Cousins Company
Genre: Horror, Vampire, LGBTQ
A queer, socioeconomic take on the vampire genre, Drawn invites you into the world of the titular blood transfusion app that connects the aging rich with the young, desperate donor class.
FREYA  (Canada BC, Australia)
Director: Rhona Rees
Producer: Kristyn Stilling, Athena Russell
Genre: Science Fiction
In a future where abortion is completely outlawed and birth control is available only to men, a woman must fight for her autonomy and her life when she is tricked into getting pregnant to a one night stand.
Director: Ángela Tobón Ospina
Producer: Máquina Espía
Genre: Science Fiction
A man pedals a stationary bike in order to recover the light of his memories.
Director: Peter Hengl
Producer: Lola Basara
Genre: Horror
Every year, the young men in the alpine villages dress up in wooden masks and fur costumes to become the “Krampus” – but visiting siblings Val and Mat suspect one of them may be the devil himself – and it seems like he’s out for Val’s soul and sanity….
Director: Ashlea Wessel
Producer: Crafthaus Ltd.
Genre: Horror
A young photographer on the cusp of her big break captures a photo of an unwilling subject and finds herself at the centre of a series of mysterious, violent deaths.
Director: Yannis Veslemes
Producer: Fenia Cossovitsa
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Period Drama
In the year 1901 Peter Blackforest and Alice Webber built a steam-powered spaceship to travel to the moon in order to escape the great flood they both believed would soon annihilate the Earth.
Director: Carl W. Lucas
Producer: EchoWolf Productions
Genre: Cosmic Horror
When a young couple sets out for a quiet weekend in the mountains, they find themselves embroiled in the dark plot of a secret society with designs on resurrecting a long-forgotten Mesopotamian god.
Director: Ryan Ward
Producers: Mackenzie Leigh, Ryan Ward, Memory Pill
Genre: Magic Realism
A young architect’s life begins to unravel when he starts to believe he can see his past and future lives.
SUB (Sweden, Denmark)
Director: Peter Modestij
Producer: Nima Yousefi 
Genre: Body Horror, Drama
Teenager Nina is desperately trying to win her best friend Cici back, while at the same time transforming into something less human.
TANIWHA (New Zealand)
Director: TBC
Producers: Libby Hakaraia, Tainui Stephens and Desray Armstrong
Genre: Monster, Thriller
A young couple fleeing tribal warfare find themselves in the valley of a shapeshifting monster: the Taniwha. Only one of them must survive.
THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY (The Netherlands)
Director: Michiel ten Horn
Producer: Maarten Swart
Genre: Dark Comedy
When, after a “sabbatical”, high school teacher Joe finds a connection with a group of similar tormented collegues during their weekly night of playing An Apple for the Teacher – a home-made role-playing game where the teachers hypothetically murder their most-hated students – one particularly nasty student gets under their skin and pushes the game into more and more realistic territory.
Director: Maria Arida
Producer: Biônica Filmes
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Trapped in a psychologically abusive marriage, the renowned choreographer Olivia Klein has an affair with Julien, one of her dancers. When a horrific fight ends with her husband Nathan dead and Julien unrecognizably disfigured, the lover undergoes reconstructive surgery to look like the husband and hide the murder. However, Olivia soon begins to question the identity of the man who survived.
Director: Jeanne Leblanc
Producer: Caramel Films
Genre: Horror
When you can no longer believe in such a bleak future… You do what you have to do.
WORM (Canada, QC)
Director: James Watts
Producer: Mitchell Stafiej
Genre: Horror
Be famous again... and eat whatever you want.
Director: Audrey Ewell
Producers: Luca Borghese, AgX
Genre: Horror
While battling survivor's guilt, a young woman attempts to contact her dead fiancé. In a psychedelics-fueled ceremony, a terrifying dark figure follows her out into the real world. A mysterious neighbor appears and offers to help, but he's not who - or what - he seems.
Directors: Jean Mach, Nicolas Alberny
Producer: MAD Films
Genre: Aquatic thriller, Survival
2 brothers, 80 meters down, 24 hours of oxygen...
Director: Nyla Innuksuk 
Producers: Sphere Media Productions, Mixtape VR Inc.
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Yura Ivalu is an Indigenous filmmaker who mines the complicated lives of others for inspiration.
Director: TJ Cuthand
Producers: Anne-Marie Gélinas & Sera-Lys McArthur
Genre: Indigiqueer Thriller/Adventure
macîskotêw (evil fire) is the story of a troubled hero, Kîsik, who wants to keep the ones she loves safe, while looking for answers about her missing mother.
Director: Noah Wagner
Producers: Julia Elaine Mills, Zubin Asaria
Genre: Magical Realism Romance
When a jaded journalist encounters her “soulmate” at a restaurant selling the promise of True Love, she embarks on an increasingly mind-bending journey to expose The Chef as a fraud.
Director: Rikke Gregersen
Producer: Maipo Film
Genre: Thriller/Horror
A renowned journalist returns to her home town to make a podcast series about the wave of suicides that hangs like a dark cloud over the town's black metal scene. In search of answers about where things have gone wrong, she unearths truths and conspiracies about the town that put both herself and others in a danger far greater than herself.
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