Cannes 2023: New Podcast Stark Raving Cinema Announced

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Cannes 2023: New Podcast Stark Raving Cinema Announced

More news from the Fantastic Pavilion at the Marché du Film in Cannes: a new film and pop culture podcast called Stark Raving Cinema will be launched in June. It was created by Paul McEvoy, co-founder of London’s FrightFest. Here’s part of the press release:

"Stark! In its mission to entertain and showcase the most exciting guests currently working in all  sectors of the creative industries. 

"Raving! Guests enthuse about the experiences of the pop culture that influenced them to become the creators they are today. Take a deep dive into their careers, full of candid insights, humour and  fascinating personal anecdotes. Literally a masterclass each time. 

"Cinema! Movies, Music, Songs, Bands, Books & Graphic Novels. Our guests will reveal their essential favourite pop culture picks. Discover their recommendations for often jaw dropping ‘must see’s’,  ‘must reads’  or ‘must listens’. You’ll  soon be compiling lists of the outstanding recommendations that have influenced some of the most creative folks working today! 

"Stark Raving Cinema is created and presented by Paul McEvoy. Produced by Jake West (director of Doghouse). With original music by renowned film composer, Simon Boswell (Santa Sangre). Graphic design by award winning designer and animator Ashley Thorpe (director of Borley Rectory).

"Our Season 1 guests include: Aaron Moorhead (who also came up with the podcast name) and Justin Benson (Something in the Dirt, The Endless, Loki); Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories, The Warlock Effect); Bryan Fuller (Hannibal); Corin Hardy (The Nun, The Hallow); Issa Lopez (Tigers Are Not Afraid), Roxane Mesquida (Rubber) Steve Oram (Sightseers,) Jennifer Reeder (Knives and Skin), Dominic Brunt (Emmerdale Wolf Manor), Joanne Michell (Sybil)."

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