TIMESCAPE: Aliens, Time Travel, Dinosaurs And a Great Big Meteor in YA Adventure Film

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TIMESCAPE: Aliens, Time Travel, Dinosaurs And a Great Big Meteor in YA Adventure Film
Here's one for genre nerds raising little genre nerds of their own. XYZ Films is releasing Aristomenis Tsirbas' latest family adventure film, Timescape, on North American VOD on March 23rd. 
The trailer for Timescape was sent out today; check it out below. It looks like a rollicking good adventure flick. Fun for everyone in the family, as they say. 
XYZ Films Teleports You 65 Million Years Into the Past With...
The breathtaking kids' adventure, which sees future tech and prehistoric beasts collide, lands on VOD March 23rd!
XYZ Films is proud to announce that they will be releasing the prehistoric YA adventure TIMESCAPE on North American VOD March 23rd!
Celebrated filmmaker Aristomenis Tsirbas, known for his family adventures and stunning VFX work, teleports audiences of all ages into a prehistoric journey bubbling with sci-fi thrills!
Precocious teen Jason is lost in the woods when he discovers a mysterious spacecraft that catapults him and fellow passenger Lana 65 million years into the past, stranding them in the dinosaur era. When they discover a deadly asteroid is barreling towards Earth, the unlikely pair must work together with a sassy A.I. robot to fix their ship and return to present day before it’s too late!
XYZ Films' Manager of Acquisitions and Development Alex Williams notes, "Aristomenis Tsirbas' sci-fi adventure is such a charming and exciting film. We fell in love with the film as soon as we screened it, and couldn't be prouder to bring it to audiences."
Written and directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas (BATTLE FOR TERRA), TIMESCAPE stars Sofian Oleniuk, Lola Rossignol-Arts, Patricia Summersett, and Michel Perron; is executive produced by Tsirbas and Faisal; and produced by David-Alexandre Coiteux.
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