AUXILIO (HELP): More Behind The Scenes Photos From Tamae Garateguy's Next Film

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AUXILIO (HELP): More Behind The Scenes Photos From Tamae Garateguy's Next Film
It’s 1931. Emilia, a rebellious and defiant young woman, is sent by her father to a convent. Her arrival unleashes paranormal manifestations in the place, which become increasingly strong for all the residents, but even more for Emilia, like a cry for help that is impossible to ignore.
Variety had our first look behind the scenes of Auxilio (Help), a new paranormal horror flick from Argentine director Tamae Garateguy. Not to be outdone by the trades we asked our friends in the production if there were any more shots we could share. As we say, et voila! 
The first two images are from the article in Variety. The new shots give us a clearer sense of the time period and the work of the production design. The latter shots also hint at a wee bit of tension, probably something one of the residents who has been at the convent for while is sharing with newcomer Emilia. 
Contrary to what the article in Variety says while Auxilio is in post it's not in its final stages so it will still be a while until anyone outside of the production gets to see anything other than these BTS images. It will be shopped internationally by Del Toro Films under the title Auxilio
And side note to Variety, her project at Blood Window was called Fucking Sexy Doll. Kind of missing a word there. Oops.
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