PRESENCE Exclusive Clip: Out on VOD Today!

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PRESENCE Exclusive Clip: Out on VOD Today!
Christian Schultz's feature film debut, the psychological thriller Presence is arriving on VOD today from XYZ Films. 
After leaving New York after a mental breakdown, Jennifer (The Kominsky Method's Jenna Lyng Adams) is contacted by her best friend about good news concerning their joint business venture. Within the hour, Jennifer is boarding a private plane and walking down the dock to a billionaire’s private yacht.
All seems well, except that Jennifer is plagued by violent, unsettling visions. Is her unchecked anxiety attempting to self-sabotage her once again... or has a sinister presence latched onto her?
We have an exclusive clip to share with you today. Having seen the film for ourselves we can tell you that this happens near the end of the film. We will not tell you why Jennifer has been tied to the bed, nor why Davis' character, David, is ready to hand over a bag of money to her friend Samantha. We will say about Presence is that we thought we had it figured out early goings but got shook by a curveball in the climax. Worth a casual viewing for sure. 
Presence stars Jenna Lyng Adams (The Kominsky Method), Dave Davis (The Vigil), and Alexandria DeBerry.
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