ORPHAN: FIRST KILL Official Trailer and Release Announcement

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ORPHAN: FIRST KILL Official Trailer and Release Announcement
Esther’s terrifying saga continues in this thrilling prequel to the original and shocking horror hit, Orphan. After orchestrating a brilliant escape from an Estonian psychiatric facility, Esther travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. Yet, an unexpected twist arises that pits her against a mother who will protect her family from the murderous “child” at any cost.
William Brent Bell's horror flick, Orphan: First Kill, a prequel to the 2009 horror flick is coming to cinemas, on digital and streaming on Paramount+ on August 19th, 2022. With that announcement comes the official trailer for the pic. Check it out below. 
The cast is lead by Isabelle Fuhrman, reprising her role as Esther, Rossif Sutherland and Julia Stiles. 
Fuhrman, who was twelve at the time of the first film (one or two years younger during production) is now twenty-five. This begs the question, why a prequel? Yes, Esther 'died' at the end of the first film but she could have 'survived' come back 'a bit older' for another go at another family. 
Well, we suppose this age difference makes more sense now than it would in '09. The original story was based off of true life story where a thrity-four year old woman impresonated a ten year old boy that had gone missing. 
Regardless, if you're a fan of the first Orphan film consider checking out the prequel on August 19th. 
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