Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: THE FIVE DEVILS (LES CINQ DIABLES) Starts Off Swiss Fantastic Film Event

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Kicking off tonight, the 21st edition of Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival brings cinematic genre goodness to the heart of Switzerland.

The festival bills itself as "the Swiss event for fantastic film, Asian cinema & digital creation" and, having already seen (and reviewed) some of the films, as well as studying its complete lineup carefully, we here at Screen Anarchy must agree. Read more about the films screening today by clicking through the gallery below.

The international premiere of Léa Mysius’ Les Cinq Diables, shown at the new Open Air as part of the official opening ceremony, will start things right. Also known as The Five Devils, the film stars Adèle Exarchopoulos in a family story that strays between drama and thriller.

Per the official synopsis: "Vicky is a strange and solitary little girl. She has a gift: she can recreate smells at will, which she then encloses in carefully labelled jars. One day, her father’ sister barges into her life, and Vicky sets about recreating her smell. She unearths dark and magical memories that conceal secrets that have been haunting her village and her family for a long time. An enthralling, dizzying mystical drama."

Visit the official festival page to learn more.

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