DO NOT DISTURB: THE SUBLET's John Ainslie Has a New Horror Thriller Coming Soon

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DO NOT DISTURB: THE SUBLET's John Ainslie Has a New Horror Thriller Coming Soon
We are a few years removed from John Ainslie's debut feature film, The Sublet, but that's not to say the Canadian writer/director has not been busy. Ainslie has filled the time with short films and episodes of Eli Roth's A Ghost Ruined My Life.
But it is time to get another feature out into the world and that film is Do Not Disturb. His new horror thriller is nearing completion, in post, and will be looking towards landing a world premier later this year. We've reconnected with Ainslie and have a collection of stills and behind the scenes images to share with you today. Check them out in the gallery below. 
Speaking with Ainslie leading up to this announcement we asked him to share some thoughts with us about this new film. 
Ten years ago, I wrote the words: couple takes peyote and develops a cannibal sex fetish on their honeymoon.
The more I pitched it, the more I realized that the connection between being in a toxic relationship and being eaten alive was something people could identify with. Inspired by my own past relationships, the film explores cannibalism as a metaphor for the emotional trauma we inflict upon each other. With Do Not Disturb, I drop the viewer into the lives of a newly married couple going through relatable, almost mundane issues and then slowly pull them - along with the audience - into a narcotic nightmare.
I feel incredibly fortunate to have connected with actress Kimberly Laferrière who delivered a stunning performance as Chloe. Cinematographer Scott McIntyre and I worked closely together using light and dark to marry the good vs evil emotional beats and match Chloe’s state of mind as she struggles to harness her own morality. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it has turned out.
After living with this film for a decade it has been exhilarating to finally bring it to life onscreen. An experience made all the more special with my spouse producing. I look forward to sharing Do Not Disturb with the strong stomachs of the world.
Ainslie's star Kimberly Laferrière has this to say about the film.
When my agent sent me Do Not Disturb. I was immediately taken by John’s writing and knew I wanted to work on the film. This was more than your usual horror story. So much was being said in the subtext. This was a deep exploration of a toxic relationship. I also thought it was hilarious that in order to emancipate herself Chloe must literally bite into life… chew her way out of it. 
Ainslie then shared some footage with us. The build up in the footage crashes with strobing, shimmering dance hall lights of a club at a vacation getaway. There's sheen of tropical sweat and splatters of blood as things heat up and get a bit... chunky Then there's spots of dark humor that lightens the mood. Add it all together and Do Not Disturb looks ready to thrill the crowds while making them squirm. 
Post-Production nears completion on Do Not Disturb, writer and director John Ainslie’s (Eli Roth’s A Ghost Ruined My Life, The Sublet, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer) sophomore feature.
The film stars Kimberly Laferrière (21 Thunder, Fugueuse, In the Dark) and Rogan Christopher (X-Files, Bitten, Nikita) and is produced by Rechna Varma of Rechna Varma Productions (Catch & Release, Margarita). Michael Baker of Bunk 11 Pictures (Awakening The Zodiac, Backcountry, Blood Hunters) serves as executive producer alongside Brendan McNeill and Patrick White of 1984 Pictures (Queen of Spades).
Do Not Disturb follows Chloe and Jack’s honeymoon in Miami where a peyote trip to strengthen their marriage becomes a narcotic nightmare. As they confront their troubled relationship, they discover that this strand of peyote awakens a desire to consume human flesh. Their suite becomes an insatiable den of love, lust and carnal desire as Chloe comes to the realization that the only way to escape this toxic marriage is to literally consume Jack.
Do Not Disturb completed principal photography in Sault St. Marie, Ontario last summer with support from Rebeka Herron and Trish Rainone’s 180 Sisterhood Productions (A Christmas Letter), before moving to Miami to shoot exteriors with the assistance of local organization FilmGate run by fellow Canadian Diliana Alexander (The Miramar Murders). The film boasts a rich soundtrack featuring music by UK trio NERO as well as Toronto and Miami recording artists.
The feature was selected by Fantasia Frontières to pitch at Ventana Sur’s Blood Window Latin American Film Market in Buenos Aires back in 2016.
Ainslie’s recent work includes writing and directing on two series executive produced by Eli Roth. The 2020 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist also served as the film’s composer and is represented by Larissa Giroux at OAZ, as are Laferrière and Varma as actor and writer respectively.
The film will announce its premiere in the coming months. Worldwide rights remain open.
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