THE FREE FALL Exclusive Clip. Sara Should Have Stayed in Bed.

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THE FREE FALL Exclusive Clip. Sara Should Have Stayed in Bed.
Sara awakens with little-to-no memory of her life, including her husband Nick. She is informed that she has struggled with the death of her parents and ultimately attempted to take her own life. Worried for his wife, Nick insists that Sara rests up and allows herself time to heal, but whilst surrounded by strangers in an environment that feels alien to her, Sara can’t connect to her former self she has been told about. As time passes, Nick becomes increasingly more overbearing and Sara starts to question whether anything she has been told is true. 
We have an exclusive clip from Adam Stilwell's horror thriller, The Free Fall. In the clip Sara wakes up in the middle of the night and sees someone leave her bedroom. She goes after them and jump scares commence. 
Written by Kent Harper The Free Fall stars Starring Andrea Londo, Shawn Ashmore, Jane Badler, Michael Berry Jr., Elizabeth Cappuccino, and Dominic Hoffman. Gravitas Pictures is releasing the flick in theaters and on VOD this Friday, January 14th. 
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