Friday One Sheet: A TASTE OF HUNGER

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Friday One Sheet: A TASTE OF HUNGER

Now here is a dense, festive, 'feasty slice' of Key Art that gives off TVs Hannibal vibes. A Taste of Hunger is the latest from Danish wunderkind Christopher Boe, who has consistently wowed us in these parts, from the tricksterism of Reconstruction to the bizarre biopic Sex, Drugs & Taxation.  

There is (delightfully) so much going on in this design, the credits disappear into the spread; you can get lost in it. Spot the shellfish, the chanterelles, the number of different types of eggs.  There is, however, no escaping the octopus that is curiously sexual; follow the tentacles (and the hair) that subtly evoke the classic Polish poster for Andrzej Zulawski's Possession

The film is billed as a drama/romance about a couple sacrificing to get a Michelin star for the restaurant, but judging by this poster, there is no possible way that A Taste Of Hunger is not a horror picture.


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