APPS: Official Trailer For Chilean Horror Anthology Has Heaps of Gore

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APPS: Official Trailer For Chilean Horror Anthology Has Heaps of Gore
Five stories where an APP will open the doors to mystery and horror. A young woman, in the hands of a group of perverts, belonging to a sinister network dedicated to the sinister online transmision. A voyeur, who will discover that his neighbors hide dark secrets that he wishes he had never heard. A young woman on a mysterious dating app. A group of friends on their way to a beautiful cabin, will fall into the hands of a sinister occult sect that hides behind this business. A little boy, used by his father to make dating online, will discover an enormous power to defend himself.
The Chilean horror anthology Apps is the little horror anthology that could. Because I have a number of friends involved in the project I've been keeping track and producer Lucio A. Rojos has been pretty much announcing a new festival booking a couple times a week. Also, it ain't bad when you're world premiere is at the highly touted Bifan Film Festival in Korea. Not too shabby. 
The team has released an official trailer, with English subs, and they have not held back on the gore for this one. They're really selling it as a key feature of the collection. Check it out for yourself and keep your eyes open for Apps at local festivals in your area. At this rate, Apps stand a good chance of showing up there. 
The horror-fantasy anthology APPS Releases official trailer
The Chilean-Argentinean horror and fantasy anthology APPS, a independent project, produced and directed by Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zúñiga, Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León and Samot Márquez, premieres official trailer
APPS premiered worldwide in July at the BIFAN festival in Korea, performed at major events such as PopCorn Frights, Salem Horror Fest, Mile High Horror, among others. It will continue in major events such as Nightmares Film Festival, Buffalo Dreams Film Festival, Semana de Terror de San Sebastián, Razor Reel, Mórbido Fest and more than 20 festivals around the world
The film’s executive production was in the hands of Zúñiga and Rojas. About the production, Rojas tells us: “In Chile, the fantastic film genre is just starting out. In the past ten years, local production of genre films has increased, though not thanks to state support, but rather because the filmmakers themselves have used their own money or support from private entities, all to be able to green-light their own projects. This was the case for APPS; it was made with our own resources, all of the directors chipped in.”
Rojas add: “We are a group of filmmakers who have, in recent years, been included in important festivals, as well as having our work shown on different platforms; and we expect that in the future this may contribute to some change, so that the production of genre films in our country may eventually increase.”
José Miguel Zúñiga, the creator of the anthology APPS’s and one of the directors: “The goal with this project has always been to reach the greatest possible amount of countries, spectators and genre fans. In a way it’s a movie made by fans, for fans.”
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