NEMESIS Exclusive Clip: Kingpin John Morgan Turns up The Heat

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NEMESIS Exclusive Clip: Kingpin John Morgan Turns up The Heat
James Crow's indie crime thriller/home invasion thriller, Nemesis, comes out today. Our friends at Samuel Goldwyn Films have sent along an exclusive clip from the UK crime/home invasion thriller, which you will find below. In the clip crime boss John Morgan gives the familiar British kingpin banter that we have come to expect from UK crime movies before things get explosive. 
An Underworld kingpin - John Morgan - returns to London reigniting a feud with vengeful cop Frank Conway who is obsessed with bringing Morgan down and setting in motion a power play with his brother. The Morgan family gather in John's apartment to meet their daughter's new girlfriend Zoe who is not what she seems and her arrival triggers a deadly game of cat and mouse ending in revenge and murder, as the family are trapped in their own home by a gang of armed intruders.
Nemesis stars Julian Glover, Bruce Payne, Nick Moran, Frank Harper, and Billy Murray. 
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