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For all you lovers of underground and extreme horror pay heed to our words. Our friends at Tetrovideo have announced their June releases. 
From the first of June you can order the giallo horror Nightmare Symphony and the extreme horror films The Bad Man and Debris Documentar. We've included the descriptions of all three films in a lovely gallery down below with all the details about each release. There are also trailers for each release too.
This is normally where we tell you that they are NSFW but who is really in the traditional office work space anymore? Time to coin a new term? We'll get back to you on this. Just make sure no one's looking over your shoulder when you watch these. 
Nightmare Symphony (Italy - 2020) by Domiziano Cristopharo and Daniele Trani
The Bad Man (USA - 2018) by Scott Schirmer
Debris Documentar (Germany - 2012) by Marian Dora
TetroVideo is proud to present the giallo horror Nightmare Symphony, the psychological horror The Bad Man and the shocking experimental dramatic art film Debris Documentar.
Nightmare Symphony is coming to Blu-ray while The Bad Man and Debris Documentar are coming in a limited Digipack edition including a DVD and a Collector's card: only 150 copies for The Bad Man and 300 copies for Marian Dora's film are planned.
Released on DVD in 2014 as part of a boxset, Debris Documentar will finally have its own edition and for the first time it will have English, French and Italian subtitles too.
All the three titles will be available for pre-order on June 1st.

Nightmare Symphony is a giallo horror film co-directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil) and Daniele Trani (DOP in “Across the River”).

Produced by Ulkurzu and HH Kosova and written by the well-known italian screenwriter Antonio Tentori (Nightmare Concert, Dracula 3D), Nightmare Symphony is a tribute to Lucio Fulci’s Nightmare Concert/A Cat in the Brain, in which Fulci himself played a tortured horror filmmaker haunted by his own bloody horror film visions.

In Nightmare Symphony, the filmmaker at the center of the story is played by Lady in White director Frank Laloggia: he is a horror director who is struggling to complete his movie, while a series of gruesome murders happen all around him. Eventually he will be forced to face his worst and scariest nightmares.

The film also stars Antonella Salvucci (The Torturer), Antonio Tentori, Poison Rouge (AGP: Sacrifice), Pietro Cinieri, Irene Baruffetti, Edi Hasan Lushi, Halil Budakova and Merita Budakova (Virus: Extreme Contamination).

The practical effects are by Jacopo Tomassini (The Obsessed).

The soundtrack is by Antony Coia (House of Flesh Mannequins) and includes the original main theme by the legendary italian composer Fabio Frizzi (City of the Living Dead, The Beyond).

Nightmare Symphony Bonus Features: Commentary; Interview with Antonella Salvucci; Interview with Antonio Tentori; Interview with Daniele Trani; Photogallery; Behind the Scenes; Original Trailer; Trailer.

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