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The CELLUDROID Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Animation Film Festival goes Hybrid!

Paul Andre Blom
The CELLUDROID Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Animation Film Festival goes Hybrid!

After the Horrorfest film festival (est. 2005) started receiving many feature films and short films from around the world with strong Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Animation elements (but not enough to fit the event's Horror theme), the organizers felt compelled to not let these amazing submissions fall by the wayside, and simply created a separate event.
Thus CELLUDROID was born!
(movie submissions at )

While its main focus is Science Fiction, Celludroid also include Animation and movies with Fantasy elements.
Since its inception in 2009, Celludroid screened loads of great short films and some amazing movies, new, old and rare, from District 9, Iron Sky, Hardware, Montauk Chronicles and Dust Devil, to Akira, Lunopolis, Godkiller, War Of The Worlds: The True Story, Automatons, The Rift, Science Team and many more (plus special pre-release shows of commercial and high profile cinema releases like Insidious, Scream 4 and Young Ones).

The legendary Fritz Lang classic Metropolis also screened with a new live score performed by The Makabra Ensemble.

Celludroid has also incorporated documentaries, including Traceroute, The Billy Meier Story, The Otherworld, UFOs 1973.

The 2021 edition will run across 1 - 10 September.
With the recent pandemic restrictions, the festival will expand as a hybrid event with selected cinema shows and a full on-line chapter (via the festival's long-time cinema screening partner's new streaming platform).

Feature film- and short film submissions at

As with the Horrorfest, there is also the option to have submitted productions available to a global audience, or to be limited to Africa territories only.

Keep watching the skies!

Celludroid official site:
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