Unsettling GOODBYE HONEY Trailer: A Night of Terror Awaits

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Unsettling GOODBYE HONEY Trailer: A Night of Terror Awaits

Or, things that go bump in the truck.

Goodbye Honey quickly becomes unsettling, according the trailer. The official synopsis describes the plot thusly:

"Dawn, a truck driver, pulls into a state park to get some sleep when she is ambushed by Phoebe, a young woman who claims she is fleeing from an abductor. Dawn is wary of Phoebe's story, leading to a struggle that leaves her phone broken, the keys missing, and nothing but darkness between them and help.

"As the night progresses, it becomes clear they are not alone. Bonding over a shared history of trauma, Dawn and Phoebe realize they must learn to trust each other if they want to survive a night full of unexpected twists and violent turns."

Goodbye Honey comes from director/co-writer Max Strand and co-writer/producer Todd Rawiszer. Pamela Jayne Morgan (Just Say Goodbye) and Juliette Alice Gobin (Look At Me) lead the cast.

The trailer begins percolating and then it's brewing and I have no idea how it might pour (?!), but my interest has been aroused. The film will be available May 11 on various digital and cable platforms. Watch the trailer below to see what I mean.

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