Fantaspoa 2021: Exclusive Clip And Poster Premiere From American Indie MISTER LIMBO

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Fantaspoa 2021: Exclusive Clip And Poster Premiere From American Indie MISTER LIMBO
Robert G. Putka's latest indie film, Mister Limbo, will premiere during this year's  Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival. The Brazilian genre festival has gone virtual again this year, under the shadow of the global health crisis but that just means that more people in Brazil will get to check out this new film. 
Two strangers wake up in the middle of the desert with no memory of anything - including their names. Are they dead? Or did they just party too hard at Burning Man?
A warm buddy film at heart - but hopefully also a rumination on existential themes such as regret, cynicism, faith, and empathy - Mister Limbo is an odyssey evoking Waiting For Godot on drugs, with a soft spot for the short-lived TV series, "The 4400."
We are pleased that Putka has asked Screen Anarchy to premiere the poster for his film, as well as share an exclusive clip with you. Putka also sent along the story behind, and before Mister Limbo. Rather than lessen his experiences and motivations to our own interpretation of those events, Putka thankfully saved us from putting our foot in our mouths with the following. 
The succinct version: I made this film after having emerged from a tumultuous period in my life. It helped me to better understand the power of forgiveness - both of oneself and others - and how it frees us to move on to better things. Maybe it can do the same for others.
In the clip this would appear to be the first time that Mister Limbo and Craig meet for the first time. You will find the clip below, along with a selection of stills from the film. 
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