Crowdfund This: Women in Horror And GenreBlast Festivals Form New Company to Create WORST LAID PLANS Horror Anthology

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Crowdfund This: Women in Horror And GenreBlast Festivals Form New Company to Create WORST LAID PLANS Horror Anthology
As much as I cannot wait to get back out into the world and use up all the vacation time from 2020 my boss is bugging me to use I have to be doubly careful where I choose to go, when I am allowed to. 
The pandemic has added and extra layer of worry, sure, but I'm usually pretty ignorant of how freely I walk the streets in some of the places I go, only to read up on them later and wonder how I survived the trip. That's what makes the Tourist Horror genre so fun. It preys on your fears of being caught in a place where you were promised safety and pleasure only to experience fear and pain. 
Alas, I'll continue to travel in ignorance which is why I probably shouldn't pick up a copy of Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror from Grindhouse Press. But should I contribute to the indiegogo campaign started by the newly minted production company Genre Blast Films, who will adapt five of the tales from the collection to a new film called Worst Laid Plans
Of course! A lot of people have already. In just it's first week the crowdfunding campaign has reached over 60% of its goals. Amazing! It's a grand show of support for Genre Blast Films' founders, Samantha Kolesnik from the Women in Horror Film Festival and Nathan Ludwig from the GenreBlast Film Fest. 
If you're a fan of the Tourist Horror genre you need to get in on this campaign and support this first venture for the gang behind Genre Blast Films. 
An exciting feature film anthology is coming to horror fans from WIHFF co-founder Samantha Kolesnik and Nathan Ludwig, founder of Genreblast Films, the new production label from Genreblast Film Festival (a MovieMaker Magazine 2021 Top 50 Genre Film Festival). 
Indie publishing house, Grindhouse Press, released the critically acclaimed book, Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror in July 2020, edited by Kolesnik (author of True Crime). The book contains fourteen tales of vacations gone wrong and features a foreword from popular horror fiction critic, Sadie Hartmann “Mother Horror”. 
Kolesnik will co-produce the film with Ludwig which will feature five terrifying tales from the book.  Confirmed to direct are WIHFF co-founder & fest director, Vanessa Ionta Wright (Rainy Season, I Baked him a Cake), WIHFF alum Michael Escobedo (The Daughters of Virtue), Samantha Kolesnik (Mama’s Boy), John Hale (The Conduit, Killer Caribou) and Jeremy Herbert (The Thing About Beecher’s Gate, The Things with the Glowing Green Eyes).
The directors will be adapting the stories Caught a Glimpse written by Patrick Lacey, Deep in the Heart written by Waylon Jordan, Taylor Family Vacation ’93 written by Jeremy Herbert, Unkindly Girls written by Hailey Piper and You’ve Been Saved written by S.E. Howard.
The team launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo on February 1st, which, so far, has raised an astounding 59% of their initial goal.  The objective is to secure enough funding to produce a sleek & stylized film for horror fans around the globe.  The film is set to go into production in mid 2021. If you’d like to get involved and support the film, please visit the campaign page
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