SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD: Artsploitation Acquires Thrilling Chinese Crime Drama

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SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD: Artsploitation Acquires Thrilling Chinese Crime Drama
Artsploitation Films have announced that they have picked up the great crime drama from Chinea, Sheep Without a Shepherd. They're planning a streaming and DVD release of the film on March 23rd. 
This debut feature film from Malaysian director Sam Quah was a massive hit in China and a standout at Fantasia last year. I used the words 'thrill-ride' too many times in my review from the festival but I truly meant it.
Sheep Without a Shepherd is an honest to goodness thrill-ride of a crime drama. An -ism like 'thrill-ride' gets tossed around a lot but here we truly mean it. Few directors knock it out of the park their first time around yet on his first time directing a feature film Quah has found a perfect balance of thrills and chills, and rolling emotions.
Here is the announcement, you'll find the trailer down below. 
Artsploitation Films has announced the acquisition of Sheep Without a Shepherd, a 2019 film that grossed over $192,000,000 in it theatrical Chinese release.
Malaysian director Sam Quah's debut feature film is a big budget noirish thriller and a remake of the 2013 Indian film, Drishyam. The film follows family man and self-described movie-geek who is thrown into a battle of wits with the law after his daughter accidentally kills a fellow student who was blackmailing her. The dead boy’s mother (Twin Peaks’ Joan Chen) is  the morally "flexible" police chief determined to find her son's killer.  
This inventive tale of blackmail, murder and corruption and justice will be released on DVD and Streaming March 23rd.  

Sheep Without A Shepherd | Official Trailer from Artsploitation on Vimeo.

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