Severin Films Jumps To 4K UHD This March With DAY OF THE BEAST & PERDITA DURANGO, Plus Kinski and Novak Sleaze On Blu-ray

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Longtime cult home video heroes Severin Films will become the latest boutique label to make the jump from Blu-ray to 4k UHD in March of 2021 with the release of two Álex de la Iglesia's '90s classics. The 1995 heavy metal satanic Christmas movie, The Day of the Beast, and 1997's Perdita Durango will usher in this new and exciting era for Severin, also marking both films' worldwide UHD debut. Also coming to Blu-ray that month will be Nosferatu in Venice, a late career effort from the controversial Klaus Kinski as well as Harry Novak (Axe. Kidnapped Co-ed) produced super sleazy thriller, A Scream in the Streets.

We've long been advocates for de la Iglesia as one of the most underappreciated filmmakers working anywhere in the world, and these two films have needed this kind of exposure for a long time, with The Day of the Beast never having an official disc release in the US and Perdita Durango only available in a butchered US cut that left out much of what makes the film so exciting. To have them on the way in this new format is incredibly exciting, and the addition of numerous interviews, documentaries, and video essays, is even better. These are already early contenders for release of the year for 2021, in my opinion, and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

All films, plus a whole bunch of amazing associated merch, are available to order now at

Check out the gallery below for the full details, but first, get a taste of the madness with their brand new trailer:

Severin Films March Announcement Trailer

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