Fantasia 2020: Behold! The #SHAKESPEARE SHITSTORM Poster And Gross-Out Trailer

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Fantasia 2020: Behold! The #SHAKESPEARE SHITSTORM Poster And Gross-Out Trailer
Let's be up front about this. If you know the Tromo brand you know what you're about to get yourself into. The gross-out trailer for their new film #Shakespeare Shitstorm is below and it doesn't mince words. It's minced a lot of other things and spews them out though, boy howdy.
If you don't know the Tromo brand, welcome, but perhaps take a moment to make sure no one is within eye or earshot of you when you check out. You've been warned. Maybe if you have a sick bucket in your home you'll want to grab that and keep that nearby too. 
The least of your worries is the new not-as-gross poster as well, designed by Sadist Arts Designs' Marc Schoenbach. 
#Shakespeare Shitstorm will have it's World Premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival later this month. We may have the stomache to check it out and let you know what our thoughts are. 
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Coming 25 years after the release of Tromeo and Juliet, Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team are going “back to the Bard” with the best interpretation - so far - of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
Prospero (played by director/co-writer Kaufman), a brilliant and generous pharma-scientist, has had his life and career ruined by blind, greedy, perverted pharmaceutical execs, causing him and his very hot daughter Miranda to flee from NYC to Tromaville, New Jersey. When the evil execs and their elite guests take a celebratory luxury cruise to North Korea, Prospero uses his science, magic, and a load of whale laxative to create the titular Shitstorm, wrecking the cruise ship and causing its execs to wash up on the shores of Tromaville.
Prospero's planned a brutal revenge - with all the sex, mutations, musical numbers, and violence that Shakespeare always wanted but never had!
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