Shudder in July: Joko Anwar's Latest, Summer Camp Slashers And MANIAC COPs

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Well. Here we are. Almost half way through the year of the suck. For everything we have been through and yet to get through it is good to know that the folks at Shudder have plenty of distractions lined up for us in July. 
There are plenty of good ones coming up. Leading the pack is the Korean possession flick Metamorphosis, Jeffrey A. Brown's debut horror flick The Beach House, Nini Bull Robsahm's mystery horror Lake of Death and Joko Anwar's latest Impetigore! And if time is something that you have plenty of the four hour documentary about 80s horror flicks, In Search of Darkness, should fill in some gaps. 
Two classic horror series Maniac Cop and Sleepaway Camp are coming along with other classics Return of the Living Dead and Turkey Shoot. Then two of our favorite contemporary genre flicks are also coming, Nina Forever and The Pool. Both for very different reasons. Nina Forever is just damned good and Thai horror flick The Pool has so many what the hell moments, culminating with arguably the biggest 'Did they just do that' moment of 2018. 
There's plenty to look forwad to next month. All titles listed are coming to Shudder in America. Titles coming to Shudder here in Canada and in the UK are also noted. 

METAMORPHOSIS (premieres Thursday, July 2)

In this fresh spin on a demonic possession story, Joong-Su, an exorcist, must face a demon he tragically failed to defeat in the past when it targets his brother’s family next. The demon assumes the form of different family members to sow confusion and distrust, destroying the unit from within. With his loved ones in peril, Joong-Su must face the demon again, at the risk of his own life. Starring Bae Sung-Woo, Sung Dong-Il and Jang Young-Nam. Directed by Hong-Seon Kim. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK)

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