Trailer: DEBT COLLECTORS Return to Crack Heads, Kick Butt, Go to Vegas

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Trailer: DEBT COLLECTORS Return to Crack Heads, Kick Butt, Go to Vegas

Scott Adkins, one of our favorite action stars, and Louis Mandylor, one of our favorite off-beat actors, reunite with ace director Jesse V. Johnson -- yes, another favorite! -- in a new trailer for Debt Collectors.

As in The Debt Collector (2018) -- refresh yourself by watching that trailer -- Adkins and Mandylor return as French and Sue, the titular characters, who are very good at cracking heads, kicking butt, escaping danger, and aggressively chasing down those who do not pay what they owe. The new film picks up right where the last one left off.

This time, "they're summoned to Las Vegas to collect from a dirty casino owner, who happens to be a vicious ex-lover of Sue's. Meanwhile, a notorious drug kingpin is on the warpath to kill French and Sue to avenge his brother's death. Facing danger from all angles, the pair will have no other choice but to fight their way out of an explosively dangerous situation."

I love it when a clear path to righteous judgment opens up. And I love these character descriptions: Dirty casino owner! Notorious drug kingpin! What else do you need to know?

Watch the trailer below, then makes plans to see Debt Collectors when it is released by Samuel Goldwyn Films on May 29, 2020.

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