Horrorant 2020: The Grim Reaper Graces The Poster For The 7th Edition

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Horrorant 2020: The Grim Reaper Graces The Poster For The 7th Edition
Our friends at the Horrorant Film Festival in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, are busy preparing for their 7th annual genre film festival. In the meantime, this year's poster is ready for the big reveal. 
Created by Nick Coolaftakis it features everyone's best friend at the end, The Grim Reaper, ready to slice their way into your hearts. Emotionally. Slice their way into your hearts, emotionally. Yeah. 
Have a look below. 
7 days of week, 7 deadly sins, 7 chakras of the human body, 7 heads of Lernaean Hydra, 7 trumpets of Revelation ... Superstition or not, number 7 had a special, almost mysterious, importance since the beginning of time.
In 2020, HORRORANT FILM FESTIVAL reaches its 7th year and we have no intention of letting the moment pass. More focused, more organized and more passionate, three months ago we started preparing for making the biggest horror film festival in Greece, even better!
7th HORRORANT FILM FESTIVAL will take place in the following May, as always in the best cinemas of Athens and Thessaloniki.
The first films have already been booked and screening continues in order to select the best new productions from around the world.
The time has not yet come for announcements, but our dear partner Nick Coolaftakis designed our official poster and we are very proud to reveal it!
Stay tuned...
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