Morbido Fest to Promote Latin Horror With Sanfic, Starting With Chilean Noir Thriller ARACNE

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Morbido Fest to Promote Latin Horror With Sanfic, Starting With Chilean Noir Thriller ARACNE
At the close of the Santiago International Film Festival a new production pact has been formed between the festival and mi familia de Morbido. Morbido Fest and Sanfic announced they will be working together to promote genre projects from Chile and the rest of Latin America. 
Variety was boots to ground during the market and over three articles reported on the new collaboration and the first project Morbido will be investing in. 
Mexican horror festival Morbido and Chile’s Santiago Intl. Film Festival (Sanfic) have agreed on a long-term collaboration intended to strengthen the genre film industry in Chile and across Latin America.
This partnership will see Morbido representatives attend the Sanfic industry section each year to aid in the promotion of horror projects and advise those projects on their pitch processes, production design and budgets.
Beyond insight, each year Morbido will choose from a non-specific number of projects participating in the Sanfic Industria pitches to back to the tune of 30% of the film’s proposed final budget. The sponsorship also assures the project a commercial premiere in Mexico, representation for international sales and programming on pay TV across Latin America through the Morbido TV network. Variety
Projects chosen by will be awarded the Morbido Festival award at the end of Sanfic Industria. The first project mi padre de terror chose to support out of this year's lab will be the noir-thriller Aracne from filmmaker Florencia Dupont and producer Pilar Diaz. 
Aracne” turns on Beatriz, a young journalist at a small Santiago newspaper in the ‘40s where the bosses have little respect for her work. When she’s not relegated to covering beauty pageants and fashion stories, she takes care of her catatonic mother.
With little to do in her free time, Beatriz begins investigating the corruption in Santiago’s underbelly. While working the case from home, she notices the erratic behavior of her neighbor who brings home young men nightly that never seem to leave. A foreign night club singer with the voice and allure of a siren, Cristina works for a boss as caustic as Beatriz’s own at the Ovid nightclub, coincidentally an epicenter of activity in Beatriz’s investigation.
Unbeknownst to Beatriz however, Cristina is a literal spider-woman, stalking the underground web of Santiago night clubs and organized criminal violence where she can hunt with impunity for survival, for pleasure and eventually for revenge. Things get particularly tense when Cristina and Beatriz both set their eyes on the same man, but with different motives. 
“’Aracne’ seemed a complete project to me with very particular aesthetic characteristics that I find personally attractive,” said Guisa. “It’s a very feminine, sensual and personal film from Florence. It has all of the characteristics a first genre film needs to position the director as an important new voice.” Variety
Indeed, the noir and horror elements will be certainly appealing, but at the tale end of that quote above Guisa also touched on another important aspect of this production, something that is very appealing to us at Screen Anarchy, which Variety also spoke to in another article. 
In the case of “Aracne,” not only is the project being led by two women, but features two strong female leads, one an antagonist that forgoes traditional horror tropes of violent hungry men hunting down helpless women, preferring a supernatural female monster which feasts on young, virile men for sustenance and sport. Variety
Yes. It is important to support the Latin American horror community. I have as many friends trying to break into it as I do friends making it happen. I do what I can from up here in Toronto, reporting, tagging and networking. Then supporting female filmmakers, here within the Screen Anarchy family, and around the World is of equal importance to us. We are proud of our family at Morbido, that they chose to go with a female-led project for their first award. 
We look forward to hearing more about Aracne as the project moves forward. 
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