Lund 2019: WEREWOLF And BLISS in First Wave Plus an Anniversary Screening of a Tarantino Classic

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Lund 2019: WEREWOLF And BLISS in First Wave Plus an Anniversary Screening of a Tarantino Classic
Lund, the festival from the town of the same name in Sweden, is gearing up for its twenty-fith edition at the end of September. 
Last week they announced the travelling roadshow called Nerd culture on Tour - Skåne complete with screenings of Clive Barker's Hellraiser. Today they have announced the first handful of titles for this year's program.
The first wave of title include György Pálfi’s His Master's Voice, Adrian Panek’s debut Werewolf, and Jagoda Szelc’s Singular Monument. These three films are also the first titles to participate in the Siren Competition where the winning film will received a cash prize of 1000 EUR. Out of that 12-film lineup six films will be nominated for Lund’s Méliès d’Argent, the winner going on to Sitges for the Méliès d’or Award for Best European Film of 2019. 
Lastly, Lund will host the Swedish premiere of Joe Begos’ Bliss and there will be a twenty-fifth anniversary screening of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction will a slew or related programming and events.
Damn. Has it been twenty-five years since I had that poster up on the wall in my college dorm room? 
The full press release follows. 
With a trio of best feature film contenders, a splatter-oriented international favorite and a special event screening that dovetails nicely with the festival’s own 25th anniversary, Lund Fantastic is excited to share the first 5 titles of its upcoming edition (September 27 - October 5)!
Lund Fantastic is proud to host the Swedish premiere of His Master’s Voice, an intimate story centered on the search for meaning in our private sphere that also ponders man’s place in the universe among other forms of existence. Based on Stanislaw Lem’s novel of the same name, György Pálfi’s offbeat exploration yields giants, orgies and destructive solar lasers - seekers of unconventional cinema: hop on board!
Also part of the 2019 edition is Werewolf, a grim World War II fairytale focusing on eight children who survived concentration camp horrors. Sheltered in a woodland orphanage, they’ll have to overcome their own feral nature and former SS wolfhounds circling their makeshift home. Adrian Panek’s debut is a harrowing tale told with hope.
Rounding off the first trio of Siren Competition nominees is Jagoda Szelc’s singular Monument, a psychological freakout that takes viewers out of their comfort zone and transfers the feeling of trespassing onto something inexplicable and forbidden.
Revamped for the 25th anniversary, the Siren Competition is now a 12-title lineup with each film in the running for a cash prize of 1000 EUR. The Siren Competition comprises a total of at least six European films or European co-productions that are nominated for Lund’s Méliès d’Argent - a trophy awarded to the best European fantastic film.
Outside of the competition - and arguably in a league of its own - Lund is excited to unleash the Swedish premiere of Joe Begos’ latest thrillride. A film full of sanguinary, filthy fun, Bliss tells the story of Dezy, a talented painter facing a troubling creative block. Desperate to get her groove back, Dezy throws herself into a hellscape of lust, drug abuse and slippery murder deep in LA’s underbelly.
As a final tease ahead of the full program announcement (Sept. 13): Lund plans to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a special screening of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994). With his ninth film still setting the box office ablaze, Lund Fantastic heads back to the nineties to discuss “quarter pounders with cheese” and check who can do the best twist. The screening, set on the night of the Méliès d’Argent awards ceremony (Oct. 2), will tie in with a costumed dance-off, with attendees encouraged to dress up as one of QT’s many colorful characters.
For more info about the first wave of titles and full program descriptions, visit the official website of Lund Fantastic (September 27 - October 5):
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