Crowdfund This: It's Time to Give THE STYLIST a Feature-Length Makeover

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Crowdfund This: It's Time to Give THE STYLIST a Feature-Length Makeover
Director Jill Gevargizian is preparing to make her feature-film debut and she is going back to one of her earlier, award-winning short films The Stylist to do it. The Stylist had a very successful festival circuit run and recently completed a two year streaming residency over at Shudder. You can now watch The Stylist below. 
Gevargizian always intended for The Stylist to be a feature-length film the time is now to help her make that dream a reality. She has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to cover production costs. The goal is a modest one for a feature-length film, so we should all chip in now and help reach its target ahead of the dealine. 
THE STYLIST is a feature-length adaptation of my 2016 short horror film of the same title.  The short screened at over 100 film festivals across the globe and won 20 awards including the Jury Award and Audience Choice at Eitheria Film Night.  Our lead actress Najarra Townsend won Best Performance in a short film at Fantastic Fest, Monster Fest, Knoxville Horror Film Fest, and Nightmares Film Fest.  She will be reprising the role in the feature.
Speaking of directors due for a feature-length film, one of our own resident filmmakers, Izzy Lee, gushed over The Stylist in her review back in 2016
The Stylist stood out because of its poignancy, practical special effects, writing, acting, direction, editing, and beautiful cinematography (lensed by Robert Patrick Stern). The echoing, melodic score from Nicholas Elert elevates the film even more.
Gevargizian has accomplished what few horror directors have --- a film with terror, art, and heart. The Stylist does a wonderful job of making you care for its characters, rather than just cheer on the body count. You'll be hearing more from Gevargizian in the future --- she's a serious talent who's made an enormous jump from her previous shorts, such as Grammy, Police Brutality, and Call Girl.
So there you have it. It is time to help Gevargizian get her first feature film made. Support The Stylist crowdfuding campaign here
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