ANTLERS Teaser Scares Up a Monster in the Dark

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ANTLERS Teaser Scares Up a Monster in the Dark

Oh my.

Let's be honest: Antlers doesn't sound like a particularly scary title for a horror movie, and Scott Cooper has not directed any films that sound like a horror movie. Judging by the first teaser, however, we can safely throw those preconceptions in the garbage shredder because this teaser is freaky.

Come to think of it, Cooper has helmed films that incorporated frightening elements: desperation in Out of the Furnace, criminal wildness in Black Mass, homicidal impulses in Hostiles. In Antlers, it looks like he's just letting all those black cats out of a secret bag and setting them free.

The film follows a small-town teacher in Oregon (Keri Russell) and her brother, the small town's sheriff (Jesse Plemons), after they learn that a young man (Jeremy T. Thomas) is "harboring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences."

To which I say: yes, please. Antlers will break into theaters next year. Watch the teaser below.

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