FERAL Poster & Stills Hint at the Strange in the NYC Underground

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Both the 1980s TV series Beauty and the Beast and the new feature film Us have presented very different ideas of what lies in the tunnels under our urban feet. It's not just subway tunnels and sewers; it could be strange monsters; humans gone mad; government experiments and who knows what else while we walk ignorant above. A new feature film Feral is a different angle on this parallel-existing world; definitely more of the social realism perspective, it seeks to show us some of the real lives of those who live in strange place, their struggles outside a system that gives them no quarter, and what bonds can be made and broken within.
Below we have the poster and some stills from the film, which certainly hint at an atmosphere whose moodiness seeks not to mask loneliness or pain, but expose it.
Feral tells the story of Yasmine, a young woman living in the tunnels underneath Manhattan’s West Side. Surviving on her own terms while trying to build a new life alone, she is reeling from the loss of her mother, who was deported when she was only 16.

Along her journey, Yasmine meets a cast of characters and real New York personalities, each living in their own form of exile: a lonely piano player who’s never played his music out loud; a mother who regrets the birth of her six-year-old; a lonely grandmother nostalgic for her salsa music past and the Mission who is there to help, but only if she’s willing to play by their rules. Based on actual stories of living underground and working with former homeless individuals, FERAL peers deep into Yasmine’s emotional reality, staring this bold young woman directly in the eyes as she struggles to carry on.

Feral is written and directed by Emmy-winner Andrew Wonder, and co-written by Priscilla Kavanaugh and Jason Mendez. It stars Annapurna Sriram, Kevin Hoffman, Sarah Wharton, Sonia Mena, and Aurora Flores. The dramatic feature celebrates its World Premiere at The Sarasota Film Festival this Sunday, April 7th.

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