ILL: A New Extreme Body Horror Anthology is Coming From TRAUMA, A TASTE OF PHOBIA and SCARS OF XAVIER Directors

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ILL: A New Extreme Body Horror Anthology is Coming From TRAUMA, A TASTE OF PHOBIA and SCARS OF XAVIER Directors
A new extreme body horror anthology called Ill was announced the other day. We caught wind of it when my friend Lucio A. Rojas, director of last year's extreme horror offering Trauma, sent me the announcement. After I harranged him online for not coming to me first he ponied up some details about the project. I have been working my way down the list of other directors (more to come).
Rojas will direct one of four chapters, created by himself and three other director from around the World. He will make his chapter, Contagium, in his home country, Chile. He wrote his contribution with one of his ladies of Trauma, Ximena del Solar, who told me yesterday that she is very excited to branch out into writing. They will film Contagium in the middle of the year so that the anthology can target festivals at the end of the year!
Rojas says, "It will be a re-reading of the cinema that both Cronenberg inspired, but passed through the filter of different live shows. Violent, bloody and promises a lot of gore at a festival of entertainment".
We have also written about the projects of Italian filmmakers Lorenzo Dante Zanoni and Domiziano Cristopharo (A Taste of Phobia 2018) before. I asked Cristopharo if he had anything he wanted to add. 
"I was very happy when Lucio, who is a great artist and a good friend, told me we should do something together, like a collective project that could melt different visions and artists! I was excited by the idea and also the opportunity to collaborate with him because I'm a big fan of Trauma. I was discussing this project by that time with Kai Bogatzi and Zanoni so between one chat and another Ill became a reality".
Ammendment: Zanoni was kind enough to pass along his thoughts on this new project as well.
"I've been invited into the project by my friend Domiziano, who I met because of my "A Taste of Phobia's" participation.
I'm happy and grateful to him to have the possibility to work in this incredible project with directors whom I really admire, and appreciate also as a spectator. In particular it's great to see how good the collaboration is between us; I think this is the best part of being involved in cinema's stuff like the anthologies. ILL will be a sickness cocktail for each taste, made by four sick minds".
Here is the press release,
It was announced February 13, that some of the best and most talented up-and-coming filmmakers in the extreme horror universe have teamed together for ILL, an episodic biological horror film about physical illness. Told in four segments and directed by some of the most interesting Chilean, Germanic and Italian directors of our generation, ILL promises to show that these international collaborations are possible, but are also growing in numbers and creating new friendships.
First, we have Lucio A. Rojas (Trauma 2017 ) with his addition featuring a mad scientist who spreads a deadly virus in the world because of money. Second is one from Lorenzo Dante Zanoni (A Taste of Phobia 2018) that will show how money helps to spread the virus and the effects of it on the human body through the story of a guy that stole money from a foreigner. Then we have Domiziano Cristopharo (Xpiation 2018 ) who will tell the story of a middle aged woman that has cheap plastic surgery in her house to save money. These first three segments will show the devastating effects on these people based on their actions. Rounding out the horror anthology is the fourth installment from director Kai E. Bogatzki (Scars of Xavier 2017), a segment that will show how, although money was at first the cause of all evil, it can also become a salvation.
Once completed, ILL will be screened in horror festivals over the Summer. 
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