ILL. FINAL CONTAGIUM Exclusive: Unmistakable Body Horror in Poster For Upcoming Horror Anthology

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ILL. FINAL CONTAGIUM Exclusive: Unmistakable Body Horror in Poster For Upcoming Horror Anthology
Screen Anarchy has your first look at the first poster for the upcoming biological horror anthology ILL. Final Contagium. All the segments have been shot and are currently in post production. As everything gets tidied up here is the first poster, designed by Max "Cave" Cavenaghi. This wonderfully illustrated work certainly gets right to the point, doesn’t it? 
ILL. Final Contagium has been submitted to international festivals. The production team predicts the film will begin it’s international genre circuit run in the last quarter of the year. The trailer will be launched at the end of August. Further down are segment descriptions from each contributor to the project. 
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The creator of the project, Italian producer Domiziano Cristopharo, convened a group of directors who are characterized by working from an authorial and irreverent perspective. We refer to the Chilean Lucio A. Rojas (Trauma, 2017), Lorenzo Dante Zanoni (segment Caetophofia of A Taste of Phobia, 2018) and Kai E. Bogatzki (Scars of Xavier, 2017), who are also executive producers of their own segments.
The anthology is presented in the following order:
1 CONTAGIUM: The segment written by Lucio A. Rojas along with the actress Ximena del Solar, a regular contributor to his films, tells of the beginning of a global pandemic originated by the macabre experiment of a military scientist. Starring Felipe Ríos, Ximena del Solar and Rayloren Mata.
2 GULLY: Zanoni introduces us to the calvary of a young man who, as a result of his ambition, is the victim of a painful metamorphosis. Stars Tommaso Arnaldi.
3 THE BODY: Cristopharo delves into the martyrdom suffered by a woman obsessed with beauty and who resorts to a home cosmetic surgery in order to save money. Stars Chiara Pavoni.
4: THE CABIN: Bogatzki concludes the story initiated by Rojas by presenting the viewer with the vision of a post-apocalyptic era in which money becomes the only means that can allow the infected to stay alive. Stars Max Evans.
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