The Holidays Will Get Bloody In DEATHCEMBER!

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The Holidays Will Get Bloody In DEATHCEMBER!

Hey, kids! Have you all survived the holidays? Well, you may not next year, because that's when indie horror anthology Deathcember should be rolling around. Yep, you got it ... it's 24 holiday themed horror shorts from 24 international directors for what will quite possibly be the bloodiest advent calendar ever.

The director roster is a blend of familiar and new faces with the likes of Trent Haaga (68 Kill), Sadrac Gonzalez-Perellon (Black Hollow Cage), Pollyanna McIntosh (best known these days for her role on The Walking Dead), Korean maverick Lee Sang-woo, Chelsea Stardust (currently directing Satanic Panic for Fangoria), Isaac Exban (The Similars), Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust) and Lucky McKee (May) among the more notable names.

The film is currently running a Kickstarter campaign - which is already successful, but don't let that stop you from chipping in - so you can get some details in the video below!

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