Exclusive PATRIMONIO Clip: Blockade Block

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Exclusive PATRIMONIO Clip: Blockade Block

The little guy vs. the big guy. David vs. Goliath. A small coastal community in Baja, Mexico vs. "an American mega-developer threatening to destroy the town's ecosystem and existence." All three are good stories, though we only have an exclusive clip for the latter.

Patrimonio is a documentary by award-winning filmmakers Lisa F. Jackson and Sarah Teale that will be screening at DOC NYC next week -- specifically, Tuesday, Nov 13, 5:15pm, IFC Center, and Wednesday, Nov. 14, 10:15am, IFC Center -- and, judging by the clip, it's an essential and compelling film.

Here's more from the official synopsis: "In Todos Santos, a fishing village of 6,000 on the Pacific Coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, generations of people have made a modest fishing and farming living from the sea and the arid land - persevering through a delicate ecological balance.

"But then a multinational developer begins to build an extensive wellness hotel / condo development of 4,500 homes and create a footprint that will engulf the local fishing community and threaten the dwindling water supply, local ecology, and a small fragile beach that the fisherman depend on. Faced with this struggle, the fishermen band together to fight the developer and government agencies that have approved the development."

Read more about Patrimonio at the DOC NYC web site, and the film's own official site. Watch the clip and the trailer below.

Patrimonio I Trailer from Teale Productions on Vimeo.

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