Exclusive BLUE MY MIND Clip: Poor Fish

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Exclusive BLUE MY MIND Clip: Poor Fish

Our own Tom Kiesecoms described Blue My Mind as "a confident, full-bodied portrayal of adolescence and its fearful insecurities" in his review. We have an exclusive clip that gives a hint about the changes that a young women is experiencing.

Here's the official synopsis: "15-year-old Mia and her parents move to the suburbs of Zürich. While Mia plunges into a wild teenager existence, her body begins to change oddly. First hardly noticeably, but then with a force that threatens to drive her out of her mind. Mia's transformation progresses inexorably, and she turns into the being which has slumbered within her for years... and is now gaining the upper hand."

Luna Wedler and Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen star. Lisa Brühlmann wrote and directed.

Watch the clip below, in which Mia contemplates an after-school snack. Blue My Mind premieres On Demand tomorrow (November 13), via a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, xbox, Fandango Now, YouTube and Dish.

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