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L'Etrange Festival 2018 full line-up revealed : let's get strange !

Jérémie Pottier
L'Etrange Festival 2018 full line-up revealed : let's get strange !

For its 24th edition, L'Etrange Festival, which will take place from 5th to 16th of september in Paris, will offer no less than 130 screenings . As usual, the festival continue to explore new cinematic borders, taking his audience among a multitude of genre, countries, and experimentations. This year's edition will offer a huge share of cult japanese cinema with a special program dedicated to the Nikkatsu movies, screening the full Stray Cat Rock saga, the Woman Gambler trilogy, and a program dedicated to the punk years of a - then freshmen, now confirmed - directors such as Sono Sion and Sogo Ishii. Also to be noted : Shinya Tsukamoto latest effort, Killing, will be part of this year's competition. Also, be sure not to miss Erik Matti's Buybust and Timo Tjahjanto's May the devil take you, ScreenAnarchy's pick. Discovered 2 years ago during the festival with The Plague at the Karatas Village, Kazakh filmmaker Adilkhan Yerzhanov is back for a special program dedicated to his full filmography. Among the other guests : Pakito Bolino and Le Dernier Cri - a french underground subversive publisher celebrating this year it's 25th birthday - will held a carte blanche and a musical and graphic creation : Mondo DC.

And this is only a glimpse of everything awaiting you. Get ready, here comes the full line-up :


  • Opening short : Bavure - Donato Sansone
  • Anna and the Apocalypse - John McPhail

Closing ceremony

  • The man with the magic box - Bodo Kox


Competing for the Nouveau Genre price, this year's competition include 21 movies, including Shinya Tsukamoto's Killing or Lars Von Trier's The House that Jack Built. PAnos Cosmatos, whose first movie Beyond the black rainbow was also in competition back in 2012, is back with his new effort Mandy, competing with Omar Rodriguez's Amalia, or the worldwide premiere of Sarah Daggar-Nickson's A Vigilante.

  • Amalia - Omar Rodriguez Lopez
  • U - July 22 - Erik Poppe
  • Murder me, monster - Alejandro Fadel
  • The spy gone north - Yoon Jong-bin
  • Mandy - Panos Cosmatos
  • Luz - Tilman Singer
  • Life guidance - Ruth Mader
  • Up upon the stars - Zoe Berriatua
  • The Nightshifter - Dennison Ramalho
  • Dachra - Abdelhamid Bouchnak
  • The house that Jack built - Lars Von Trier
  • Perfect Skin - Kevin Chicken
  • Anna & the Apocalypse - John McPhail
  • School's out - Sebastien Marnier
  • May the devil take you - Timo Tjahjanto
  • Perfect - Eddie Alcazar
  • A vigilante - Sarah Daggar-Nickson
  • The field guide to evil - Collective
  • Killing - Shinya Tsukamoto
  • Buybust - Erik Matti
  • The Dark - Justin P. Lange & Klemes Hufnagl

New Talents

With this category, the festival is willing to discover tomorrow's talent, screening their first or at least second movie. From Haiti to China, passing by Chili or Belgium, one of these name might be tomorrow's next big thing.

  • Kafou - Bruno Mourral
  • La casa lobo - Joaquin Cocina & Cristobal Laon
  • SHe - Zhou Shengwei
  • Rhizom - Shazzula
  • Lifechanger - Justin McConnell


  • Diamantino - Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
  • Violence Voyager  -Ujicha
  • Upgrade - Leigh Whannell
  • Dukun - Dain Iskendar Said
  • Frig - Antony Hickling
  • Liverleaf -Eisuke Naito
  • Climax - Gaspar Noé
  • CoinCoin and the extra humans - Bruno Dumont
  • I feel good - Benoît Delépine & Gustave Kervern
  • Fags in the fastlane - Josh Sinbad Collins


  • Cowboys & indians : Patar and Aubier's cinematography
  • Northern angel - Jean-Michel Roux
  • The Allins - Sami Saif

Carte Blanche to Jackie Berroyer

  • Cold Moon - Patrick Bouchitey
  • Vengeance is mine - Shohei Imamura
  • Exotica - Atom Egoyan
  • Double gentlemen - Jean-François Stevenin
  • Clonk - Bertrand Lenclos
  • Mission Socrate - Bertrand Lenclos & Jackie Berroyer
  • Plus a worlwide premiere surprise.

Carte blanche to Pakito Bolino : 25th anniversary of Le Dernier Cri (the last scream)

  • Undergronde - Francis Vadillo
  • Dearraindrop - Billy Grant
  • 2Up:Block/2Up:Phobia - Tetsunori Tawaraya
  • Sgure / Sgure Ox / Dj Rainbow : Ejaculation... / Muscle Park - Sekitani Norihiro
  • Red & Noisy - Frank Grow
  • Matt Konture, underground's ethic - Francis Vadillo

Focus program : Adilkhan Yerzhanov

  • Night God
  • The Plague at the Karatas Village
  • The Owners
  • Constrictors
  • The Story of Kazakh Cinema
  • Realtors
  • The gentle indifference of the world

Focus on : Shahram Mokri

  • Fish & Cat
  • Invasion

8 MM hamichiri madness : Japanese indies from the punk years

  • The ISolation of 1/880000 - Sogo Ishii
  • The adventure of Denchu-Kozo - Shinya Tsukamoto
  • I am Sono Sion ! - Sono Sion
  • Tokyo Cabbageman K - Akira Ogata
  • Saint Terrorism - Yamamoto Masashi
  • Hanasareru gang - Suwa Nobuhiro
  • A man's flower road - Sono Sion
  • Happiness avenue - Hirano Katsuyuki
  • Unk - Makoto Tezuka
  • High School Terror - Makozo Tezuka
  • The Rain Women - Shinobu Yaguchi

Nikkatsu Extravaganza !

  • Blind woman's curse - Teruo Ishii
  • Black Tight Killers - Yasuharu Hasebe

Woman gambler trilogy :

  • The Cat Gambler - Haruyasu Noguchi
  • Woman Gambler - Haruyasu Noguchi
  • Revenge of the woman gambler - Haruyasu Noguchi

Stray Cat Rock Saga :

  • Delinquant Girl Boss - Yasuharu Hasebe
  • Wild Jumbo - Toshiya Fujita
  • Sex Hunter - Yasuharu Hasebe
  • Machine Animal - Yasuharu Hasebe
  • Beat '71 - Toshiya Fujita

L'Etrange Music

  • Mondo DC : musical creation by Le Dernier Cri
  • Jose Mojica Marin's Embodiment of Evil, reinterpreted by Anvil FX

Retour de Flamme (Backfire)

Special Edgar Allan Poe program :

  • The tell tale heart - Charles Klein & Leon Shomroy
  • The Crime of Doctor Crespi - John H. Auer
  • Rachmaninoff's prelude - Castleton Knight

L'Etrange Gems

  • The hospital - Arthur Hiller
  • The Blood Letting (The contract / Manhunt for murder - Claude Mulot (new copy - introduction by Stephane Bouyer)
  • Funeral Parade of Roses - Toshio Matsumoto (new copy)

Special Screenings

  • El Otro Cristobal - Armand Gatti (introduction by Jean-Jacques Hocquard)
  • Inju Fender - Robert Cordier (in presence of the director)
  • Christiane F. - Uli Edel (introduction by Gaspar Noé)

Full information and schedule available on the website of L'Etrange Festival

Source : Press Release

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