Watch The Full Trailer For Timo Tjahjanto's MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU

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Watch The Full Trailer For Timo Tjahjanto's MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU

While he's been plying his trade with high octane action in more recent years, Indonesia's Timo Tjahjanto first burst on to the scene (in appropriately sticky fashion) as one half of horror directing duo The Mo Brothers before going further down that road co-directing a segment of V/H/S 2 with The Raid's Gareth Evans. And he's back in the horror space now with the upcoming May The Devil Take You.

Alfie, a troubled young woman reluctantly reunites with her estranged father. Discovering that her coma-induced father has been hit by an unexplained disease, she herself starts to experience supernatural occurences. Alfie and her step siblings then venture into her father's abandoned villa; a place that might hold the answer to what has happened. Soon, they discover something terrifying, unwittingly unleashing a malevolent spirit that will send them into the edge of mayhem and despair.

Referenced in these pages earlier as Before The Devil Arrives - the filmmakers prefer this English title, though the other is perhaps a more accurate translation - May The Devil Take You has just followed its previous teaser with a full trailer. And, yup, that's a woman floating with a severed goat's head. Check it out below.

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