Old Man Van Damme Bashes Heads In LUKAS

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Old Man Van Damme Bashes Heads In LUKAS

Following on from his winning turn in Amazon's Jean-Claude Van Johnson - which I absolutely love - Belgian action star Jean-Claude Van Damme continues his late career resurgence with the French-Belgian co-production Lukas.

The story here is a fairly stock one - JCVD plays a bouncer in his fifties struggling to take care of his young daughter - but one instantly elevated by the presence of director Julien Leclerq (Chrysalis, The Assault, The Informant) who is an absolute top tier talent. Leclerq's films don't always travel widely outside of Europe - they are very, very French - but his body of work is absolutely quality.

The last time anyone actually asked Van Damme to display some proper dramatic chops was in the tragi-comic JCVD and he was very much up to the task there. Does he have what it takes for this one? Take a look below.

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