Friday One Sheet: EL ANGEL

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
Friday One Sheet: EL ANGEL

The top-down persepective, the teal and white framing, and the clean yellow type-face all make for a meticulously designed bit of key art for Argentinian serial killer biopic, El Angel. Sure, it might be very, very reminiscent of the poster for 2015's Polish horror-musical, and recent Criterion Collection addition, The Lure. And yet, the below poster is pretty enough to forgive.

Everything in the arrangement here is 'just so,' from the angle to of the gun and the cigarette, the discarded wrappers, even the contents of the ash tray.  Throw in a dash of red sauce for colour, and I can say that I am quite in love with Indika Entertainment's design. This is the company who is responsible for the very iconic Pulp Fiction poster, you know the one, but also Y Tu Mama Tambien and Cronos.


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