Crowdfund This! THE DREAM EATER, A Psychotronic Short from Antoni Maiovvi

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Crowdfund This! THE DREAM EATER, A Psychotronic Short from Antoni Maiovvi
Nothing gives us greater satisfaction here at ScreenAnarchy than championing the master filmmakers of tomorrow, the unsung artists and heroes whose work is still finding its way into the public consciousness. 
The Dream Eater, as our headline reads, is a psychotronic short film project that brings together the creative minds behind some of our favourite shorts of recent years, including Yellow, Abdullah, Tokophobia and To My Mother And Father. It tells the story of a young man who discovers a jar of magic beans, leading to a mind-bending nightmare of untold proportions through unfathomable dimensions.
The film is the brainchild of Antoni Maiovvi, the British composer, DJ and producer whose unique musical stylings can be heard on, among other things, the score of Can Evrenol’s Turkish horror feature, Housewife. Backed by talented British production outfit Ne’er Do Well Films, The Dream Eater promises violence, humour and weirdness galore …but only with your help!
The project is live now and hopes to raise £10,000, and promises a veritable smorgasbord of exclusive incentives, collectibles, and other tantalising perks to reward backers for putting their money down and having a little faith that our dreams - or even our worst nightmares - can come true.
Check out the video below and click the link right here to read more about The Dream Eater and contribute to help making it a reality.

The Dream Eater - A Phsychotronic Short Film from Ne'er do Well Films on Vimeo.

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