Exclusive IT CAME FROM THE DESERT Clip: Canyon Jump

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Exclusive IT CAME FROM THE DESERT Clip: Canyon Jump

Ah, springtime in the desert! The horizon spreads out before you, the air smells fresh and clean, and the quiet envelops you. Wouldn't it be lovely to spend the day in such a tranquil environment? Is that what It Came From the Desert is all about?

Actually ... no. But that's OK, and here's why: it's all about giant insects! When I was young, giant insect movies like Them! absolutely freaked me out, but now that I'm older, well, the thought of enormous insects still scares me, but I've learned to laugh at my fears and very much enjoy movies like Mike Mendez's Big Ass Spider! (here's my review).

It Cames From the Desert appears to have been made in that same spirit. The official synopsis gets right to the point: "A pulpy monster movie inspired by the cult classic 1980s video game It Came from the Desert, featuring rival motocross heroes and heroines, kegger parties in the desert, secret underground military bases...and of course giant ants!"

Mark Arnold (Florence Foster Jenkins, Teen Wolf) and Harry Lister Smith (Murder on the Orient Express) star. Marko Mäkilaakso (War of the Dead) directed.

Enjoy a taste of the movie in our exclusive clip below, featuring a good thematic twist on a standard "canyon jump" scene, as well as the full trailer.

It Came from the Desert is on Digital and On Demand on May 29.

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