Crowdfund This: 2 WEEKS Uses Genre to Explore Asexuality

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Crowdfund This: 2 WEEKS Uses Genre to Explore Asexuality

As cinema continues to be at the forefront of expression and representation in our ever deepening understanding of the nuances and touchstones of humanity's beautifully complex sexual cycles, one area that has rarely been looked at in storytelling is that of asexuality.

Filmmakers Marzy Hart, Victoria Negri and Stacey Maltin are looking to change that with the genre-infused short film 2 Weeks, written by and starring Hart. In her own words the film is about:

2 WEEKS accompanies Tanya, a 20-something, asexual. She is struggling to find a balance between honoring her sexuality, the commitment she made when she fell in love with her partner, and pursuing a career in an industry that perpetuates women’s worth based on sex appeal. With no place to escape, Tanya starts to drown. While Tanya’s immediate circle is woke to sexual empowerment, her friends cannot relate to a person who is comfortable living without sex. In 2 WEEKS we see Tanya arrive at her second coming out.

As someone who has very carefully considered their own sexual identity (and whether or not I was in fact asexual), I certainly wonder what is up in our society when the only asexual character in recent memory I can come up with is a cartoon character (I am, of course, referring to the ever lovable Todd, voiced by Aaron paul on BoJack Horseman). 

Hart and Maltin are producing 2 Weeks along with Carrie Radigan, while Negri --best known for her feature debut Gold Star -- will direct the short. Citing works as diverse and intense as The Babadook, mother! and Get Out, the filmmakers are currently hosting a campaign on Seed&Spark with funds from the campaign going to crew pay and post funds. The filmmakers have a succinct video that you can watch below, then if so inclined you can read more and contribute at their Seed&Spark page



"2 WEEKS" Seed & Spark Pitch from Besties Make Movies on Vimeo.

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