THE SONATA: Check Out The First Images From Andrew Desmond's Debut Feature

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It was back in 2014 that we first caught sight of director Andrew Desmond. The occassion at the time was the trailer for his fantastic scifi short film Entity - which you can see here - and we knew right away that Desmond was a director of prodigious visual talent.

Jump forward a couple years and Desmond turned up in the co-production market world pitching his would-be debut feature The Sonata, a supernatural thriller revolving around a young classical music prodigy. And it's not just a would-be debut any more ... The Sonata is now in production and we're very happy to share the first images from the shoot!

Freya Tingley, Simon Akbarian, James Faulkner and Rutger Hauer star and clearly Desmond has lost none of his visual chops. Check out the images below and remember you can click to enlarge!

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