Exclusive Creepy Clip: NAILS, Thick With Dread

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Exclusive Creepy Clip: NAILS, Thick With Dread

In our creepy exclusive clip from Dennis Bartok's Nails, the room fills up with dread and then something happens ... well, I'll just stick with "creepy" as a descriptor, but I really like what it did to me.

Described as a psychological horror film, Nails "centers on Dana Milgrom (Shauna Macdonald, Filth, Moon Dogs)," according to the official description. She's "a track coach and mother who has survived a near-death car accident, only to find herself paralyzed and trapped inside her own body. While struggling to regain control of her life, Dana is confronted with a vindictive spirit; a terrifying presence called Nails, whom she is convinced exists inside her hospital room.

"Faced with skepticism from her husband, doctors and the staff, and believed to be suffering from a mental breakdown, Dana is left struggling to keep her grip on reality as the targeted attacks grow increasingly violent. To save her marriage and her life, Dana must find a way to convince her family that Nails is real before he succeeds in destroying her and everyone who stands in his way."

Our own J. Hurtado reviewed Nails earlier this year. He concluded: "This is a film for horror fans, and I think horror fans will be pleased. The story is engaging, the characters are mostly sympathetic, and the scares are fun. Your mileage may vary as far as what you expect from modern horror, those for whom arthouse horror is the only way forward may not be as enamored of the film as I am. However, if you're looking for some honest to goodness scares, Nails is the ticket." (Read the entire review here.)

The film is the directorial debut of Dennis Bartok, who co-wrote the screenplay with Tom Abrams. Bartok also co-wrote the book A Thousand Cuts: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies, with Jeff Joseph. (More on that book here).

Nails will open in select theaters and simultaneously arrive on various Video On Demand platforms tomorrow -- Friday, November 17 -- via Dark Sky Films. Check out the clip below.


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