Dublin 2017: Exclusive First Look At NAILS Trailer, Inside the Horror Hospital

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Dublin 2017: Exclusive First Look At NAILS Trailer, Inside the Horror Hospital

First time director Dennis Bartok's irish hospital-set horror, Nails, has it's world premiere at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival (ADIFF) on February 20th, so it's about time for the marketing blitz to begin. Screen Anarchy has been granted an exclusive first look at the trailer for the Nails, and we are excited to chare it with you. The trailer sets up the location and the bad guy, but leaves plenty of space for your imagination to go wild with possibilities.

Nails stars Shauna MacDonald (The Descent) and comedian Ross Noble in a story about a woman trapped in her hospital room with a malevolent spirit. Produced by some of the same team responsible for The Hallow, Nails looks like it's aiming for the jugular. ADIFF describes it like this: 

Starring The Descent’s Shauna Macdonald, Nails is the latest entry in the Irish horror renaissance. Dana Milgrom is a track coach, who having survived a serious car accident, finds herself almost completely paralysed and trapped inside her own body, forced to communicate via an artificial voice program. While recovering, she becomes convinced that an evil presence exists inside her hospital room and is intent on killing her. No one believes her – not even her own family, who think she’s experienced a mental breakdown. However, Dana soon realises she may not be the only target. As the hauntings become more disturbing and violent, Dana’s life is increasingly at risk – as well as the person she cares most about: her teenage daughter, Gemma.

Sounds like fun to me! Check out the trailer below and look for a review here for Nails' world premiere next month.

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