Hey Toronto! Author Grady Hendrix Brings PAPERBACKS FROM HELL to Town in November!

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Hey Toronto. Just putting a bug in your ear about an important stopover in Grady Hendrix's tour of his latest book Paperbacks From Hell. Presented by our friends at The Mikatonic Institute of Horror Studies, Paperbacks From Hell Live is coming to our town next month on November 30th at The Royal Cinema. 
Mr. Hendrix has graced Screen Anarchy with a small selection of book covers that he writes about in his tremendous overview of the horror novel explosion of the seventies and eighties. It is just a taste of the glory that awaits you in his live show. 
The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies presents:
In the early Seventies, three books changed horror forever: ROSEMARY'S BABY, THE EXORCIST, and THE OTHER. The first horror novels to hit bestseller lists since 1940, they opened the floodgates for an avalanche of horror paperbacks to pour onto supermarket shelves throughout the Seventies and Eighties until SILENCE OF THE LAMBS slit the genre's throat in the early Nineties. 
Writer Grady Hendrix, described by the Wall Street Journal as "a national treasure", delivers a mind-melting oral history of this now forgotten world of Nazi leprechauns, skeleton doctors, killer crabs, killer jellyfish, killer babies, pretty much killer everything. Prepare yourself for a tour of this long-lost universe of terror that lurked behind the lurid, foil-embossed, die-cut covers of...the Paperbacks from Hell!!!!
Tickets are on sale now here, and Screen Anarchy will be giving away two pairs of tickets mid way through November. Do not forget to read Kurt's review of Grady's book in our newly minted books on film series, ScreenPrint. I am nearly done reading my copy, mostly on my morning and evening commutes, leaving folks on public transit wondering who this weirdo is, with the wide smile on his face, sometimes laughing at a book called Paperbacks From Hell

THE CHILDREN'S WARD - skeletons can do anything! Zebra was a bottom of the barrel paperback publisher and the contents of their books rarely had anything to do with their covers, mostly because that's where they spent their money. Zebra authors were often small-timers without a fanbase, while their cover artists were top of the line, as seen on the cover of this forgettable Patricia Wallace novel which is painted by Lisa Falkenstern, who did a lot of covers for V.C. Andrews and others over at classy, upscale Pocket Books.

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